Lumberjack Q&A: Steven Hill

April 22, 2007

Senior first baseman, Steven Hill, sat down to answer some questions about the home run record, the Lumberjacks' standing in the Southland Conference, and what a difference a year makes.

Q: What is the biggest difference between this year's team and last year's team? What about team chemistry?

A: Probably just growing up and getting experience. Well the chemistry was good last year, but finally being together for a full year, it's made a big difference. We all hang out together and get along really well.

Q:How hard was it to be a part of a brand new team and what were/are some of the struggles you think SFA endures that established programs don't face?

A: It wasn't hard. I mean we had our ups and downs, but overall, baseball's baseball. It doesn't matter if it's your first year or if its your hundredth year. We had to get used to how the team is handled and getting to know everybody else while on other teams, its stuff they all already know. We also had to gain experience on what a DI program would be like.

Q: The Lumberjacks are currently in fifth place in the Southland, and the top six teams make it to the tournament. What is it going to take to keep our standing and make it to the tournament?

A: I think the biggest series is going to be Texas State at Texas State. I think that's going to either make or break us in terms of the tournament. We just need to have our guys step up and we can get there.

Q: How did you know that SFA was the place for you to continue your baseball career?

A: I just wanted to always play in a DI program and (head coach Donnie Watson) came to me while I was at Eastfield (Junior College) and signed me. It just seemed like a good fit for me and the place I wanted to be.

Q: What would you say is the biggest difference is between junior college and Division I baseball?

A: Nothing really. You have your good players on a JuCo team, but there are more quality players at the DI level.

Q: Is it tough to make the transition?

A: For some kids maybe, but for me, baseball is baseball, a fastball is a fastball, a curveball is a curveball.

Q: You have 17 home runs so far this season and had 14 last year. You are tied for the career home run record (31) and need just three more to break the season record. Do you pay much attention to those numbers?

A: Everyone in baseball looks at stats, but if you start focusing on that, you're game will revolve around that and you have to worry about winning before you worry about your individual stats.

It is fun to have a record. You want to have some kind of record wherever you're at and I had the record at Eastfield. Its just fun to leave your mark on something like that.

Quick Questions

Q: If you could have any teammate's skill or trait, who and what would it be?

A: I guess it would have to be Zach Gardner's speed. I've always wanted to be fast because I've always had mediocre speed.

Q: Favorite thing about SFA.

A: The guys on the team. All of them are easy to get along with and of course, you're going to have your days when you don't want to talk to anybody. But a lot of people try to keep you up and make you have a better day.

Q: Favorite thing about Nacogdoches.

A: I've lived in a big city all my life, and its not really bad living in a small town. It was pretty easy to get used to.

Q: What advice would you give to the freshmen who still have three years of eligibility remaining?

A: Keep playing. You're always going to have your bad times, but the good times will always outshine the bad times.

Q: Chris Dane or Andi Tate:

A: (laughs) Chris Dane



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