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    SFA Announces Fall Honor Roll
    Rodney Joseph is one of 146 SFA athletes to earn academic recognition.
    Rodney Joseph is one of 146 SFA athletes to earn academic recognition.

    Jan. 4, 2006

    NACOGDOCHES, Texas - One hundred, forty-six Stephen F. Austin athletes were named on a list of academic honorees released Wednesday by athletics department officials. The group is highlighted by 26 athletes on the President's List and 46 Dean's List selections. An additional 74 student-athletes were named to the Athletics Director's List.

    The President's List is composed of students who record a perfect 4.0 grade-point average in a given semester. Seven track and field athletes and six athletics trainers made the list, as did three tennis players, three soccer players and two athletes each from the volleyball and baseball programs. One athlete each from the football, softball and equestrian teams made the cut. The track and field list includes Conor Gillen, Kim Harris, Emily Hufstedler, Rodney Joseph, Colleen Lonergan, Katrina Nicholas and Jocelyn Stevens. Lora Ferguson, Malia Garza, Anna McCain, Jason Shurley, Andrea Tate and Matthew Thomas represent the trainers on the list. Tennis players on the President's List are Gabriela Gadeva, Robin Houston and Kama Scott. The soccer team is represented by Kim Gray, Lauren Matkin and Megan Spitzmueller. Volleyball players Lauren Stevens and Shelly Swendig and baseball players Erich Lehmann and Eric Tasler join the list. The group is rounded out by football's Eric Chapman, softball's Kari Hugie and equestrian's Jamie Melgares.

    To make the Dean's List at SFA requires a 3.5 grade-point average. Student-athletes on the Dean's List include: from track and field, Ashley Dickeson, Daniel Williams, Bo Simpson, Kimbri Lettkeman, Sarah Emerson, Keith Mahipala, Elese Dawson, James Williams, Robert Smith, Cody Clark and Leah Matthews; from football, Cory Long, Bradley Chmelar, Montral Walker, Matt Hoelscher, Joe Kutac, Clay Gilbert, Micah Mabie and Jonathan Patke; from softball, Crystal Dahlquist, Jessica Wade, Kendall Driver, Jessica Tullos, Sydney Davis, Nicole Carter and Traci Moore; from soccer, Vanessa Callaway, Amanda Alders, Jill Robison, Francesca Tierno, Shahin Pabani and Mary Surkein; from baseball, Adam Bosley, Chase Potter and Zachary Gardner; from tennis, Megan Langston, Ashley Johnson and Whitney Deyoung; from golf, Spencer Hutton and Josh Price; from equestrian, Heather Sowers and Lindsey Gaston; trainers Dallas Allmon and Justin Drake; from men's basketball, Scott Weaver; and from women's basketball, Britany Vinson.

    The following athletes earned a grade-point average of at least 3.0 during the fall semester to meet the requirements for the Athletics Director's List:

    Name               Sport	           Name	                Sport
    Michael Perren	    Football	        Aaron Bragg	         Football
    Nicholast Clark	   Trainer	         Matt Marshall	       Baseball
    Joshua Bone	       Baseball	        Clint Bricker	       Footbal
    Marcus Clark	      M. Basketball	   Benet Higgs	         Softball
    Samuel Janda	      Baseball	        Aaron Kinkade	       Football
    Amanda Lackey	     Soccer	          Amelia Mayeaux	      Volleyball
    Todd Pennington	   Football	        Traci Rohde	         Volleyball
    Keyli Townsend	    Soccer	          Jay Walbran	         Football
    Zack Whitaker	     Manager	         Jeremy Roberts	      Track
    Chase Burkhalter	  Trainer	         Lauren Macomber	     Equestrian
    Tad Scott	         Football	        Andrew Fleck	        Football
    Richard Folmer	    Baseball	        Erik Gregersen	      Baseball
    Amy Hilfer	        Equestrian	      Tad Roberts	         Football
    Adriann Fleming	   Trainer	         Darwin Johnson	      Track
    Ryder Peacock	     Track	           Zedralyn Butler	     W. Basketball
    Dustin Byrd	       Golf	            Laura Cramer	        Volleyball
    Kelsea David	      Track	           Marc Farris	         Track
    Melinda Heberer	   Trainer	         Cristin Hopkin	      Volleyball
    Deborah Kirkham	   Volleyball	      Christie Mestayer	   Soccer
    James Shead	       Football	        Eric Wade	           Baseball
    Jessica Watson	    Volleyball	      Natascia Michalezki	 Soccer
    Drew Rentfro	      Track	           Gary Allen	          Football
    Summer Bradfield	  Soccer           Dean Attaway         Football
    Crystal Chang      Track            Mary Harrison	       Tennis
    Scott Reid	        Track	           Brandon Smith	       Football
    Julian Acuna	      Track	           Crystal Garcia	      Softball
    Lauren Adams	      Volleyball	      Kristina Windham	    Track
    Jamie Ansley	      W. Basketball	   Chris Bocard	        Football
    Monika Brindley	   Equestrian	      Heather Adams	       Track
    Nathan Alexander   Football	        Jeremy Arterburn	    Baseball
    Brittany Caldwell	 Trainer	         Jessica Gaines	      W. Basketball
    Heather Hebert	    Softball	        Joshua Henry	        Football
    Tara Hersey	       Softball	        Lee Lara	            Softball
    Lloyd Ligons	      Football	        Laura Mikeska	       Track
    Camren Norris	     Soccer	          Caitlin O'Brien	     Soccer
    Kaci Rutledge	     Softball	        Jennifer Valenti	    Softball
    Cameron Wardlow	   Baseball	        James Winkley	       Golf
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