Football Youth Camp Approaching

SFA football will host a youth camp from June 16-18.

June 10, 2014

Youth Camp | Online Registration

NACOGDOCHES, Texas - Stephen F. Austin head football coach Clint Conque and staff will host a youth camp from June 16-18 at Homer Bryce Stadium.

"I think this camp is a great opportunity for both my staff and myself to get involved with the youth in the community," Conque said. "I believe this is a great chance for young kids to get introduced to the great game of football, while also honing the skills of middle school and junior high players."

The camp is open to Grades 3-8 with a registration cost of $60. Children and grandchildren of SFA employees are available for a 20 percent discount. Potential attendees can register online or in person at the SFA Fieldhouse located at the north end of the stadium prior to June 16.

The camp will provide an opportunity for the youth in Nacogdoches and surrounding areas to learn from the new coaching staff and better enhance their skills as both athletes and football players.

Campers will learn offensive and defensive techniques and position specific fundamental instruction, while also going through agility and athletic development drills.

For more information, parents can visit or contact Diana Cummins at 936-468-3502 or email



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