Big Sky Conference Admits Incorrect Targeting Call

Junior wide receiver Tyler Boyd was incorrectly called for targeting at Weber State, the Big Sky Conference announced on Monday.

Sept. 10, 2013

NACOGDOCHES, Texas - Big Sky Conference Coordinator of Football Officials, Karl Richins, says a call resulting in a penalty for targeting against SFA wide receiver Tyler Boyd, who was ejected in the season opener at Weber State, was incorrectly called.

SFA Athletic Director Robert Hill and head football coach J.C. Harper were notified of the decision in an email from Richins on Monday.

Under the new targeting rule, Boyd was ejected from the game but Richins says the contact was shoulder-to-shoulder with perhaps some incidental contact to the defender’s facemask. Richins says it was unfortunate that Boyd was disqualified for his actions but said the Big Sky Conference will continue to train their officials to correctly recognize the signs that put a player in jeopardy of having the targeting foul called.

The new rule went into effect this season and requires that players who target and contact defenseless opponents above the shoulders will be ejected. The change increases the on-field penalty for targeting by adding the automatic ejection to the existing 15-yard penalty.

Had there been instant replay available Richins said the 15-yard penalty would have been enforced but Boyd would have been allowed to participate further. The FCS does not use instant replay except for playoff games during the championship phase of the season.



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