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    Daylyn's Double Double

    Never Forget (11/30/12)

    Hey there Lumberjacks,

    We all remember a time when we fell short and lost the game you felt like you should have won. It’s a feeling that never leaves you, especially when you find yourself replaying the very moments inside your head, over and over again.

    Well, we remember how hard it was to accept coming so close yet falling short four points; realizing you’re still down when the final buzzer sounds and the clock reads zero. We remember having to watch our opponent celebrate in the middle of the court, walking back to the locker room with heavy hearts and getting the runner up trophy instead of the one we set out for; wishing those tears that streamed down our cheeks were those of joy and disbelief instead of disappointment and pain and knowing out journey should lead us to the big dance. As much as we would like to forget, we remember it, just like it was yesterday.

    Not a day goes by we don’t think about how we should have came out victorious. As much as we want to get that moment back, we understand that we must move forward. With a new season staring us right in the face, our biggest goal this year isn’t winning 20+ games or scoring 60+ points a game, its embedded in 3 simple words, “Attention To Detail”.

    Attention to detail isn’t how you scored those points, but how you executed the plays to score those points. Attention to detail isn’t about how you grabbed the rebound, but using the proper technique to grab the board. Attention to detail isn’t practicing till you get it right, but practicing until you can’t get it wrong. And to us, attention to detail is often what separates the champions from the near champions.

    Peace, love and Axe’em Jacks. 

    Dedicated December (12/17/11)

    The best thing about December for many students is nevertheless Christmas, finishing up the semester, and being home for almost a month. But being a college athlete is different. Any extra time in the day is dedicated to being the best, working hard to surpass the hard workers and bettering yourself, especially during Christmas holidays. Most people don't realize what happens behind closed doors until we perform out on the big stage, so when the opportunity is there, we grasp every bit of it.

    Now, of course we get to spend some time with our families for Christmas but more so with the Ladyjack family. Even though some days we wished we were regular students, at home with our families, being able to spend an entire month; working hard towards our goal was the main focus. To our coach, Christmas break is the one time we can really focus on basketball, sharpening up every detail and preparing to win a conference championship. Now looking back, this time has really paid off for us. As the break winds down with classes just around the corner, every practice, film session and weight workout counts. It might hurt now but come March, we'll finally understand its purpose, and when we do, hopefully it'll be when we look at those rings on our fingers.

    Love, peace and Axe'em Jacks!

    First Win Experience (11/14/11)

    The season is finally here! For most, this was our first bus trip, first away game, and first practice out on the road and we still managed to bring the "W" back to Nacogdoches, pretty impressive if I might add.

    With more than half the team being on the court for the first time this year, the Ladyjacks pulled out a crazy, yet stellar win Friday night in Monroe, Louisiana. Though it's early in the season, we understand all the work we have to put in to achieve our goal, but why not start out with an early win! I mean, if all it takes for our food to be hand delivered personally to our rooms by our head coach, is starting off 6-0, wouldn't you do all it took to win?

    Now don't get me wrong, all games, especially those on the road are considered as business trips, but after the job is done, there's plenty of time for the Ladyjacks to have a little enjoyment. Trust me, this is an understatement when they Ladyjacks are together. If it's listening to a teammate attempting to be the next American Idol or just the silly conversations you can't help but engage in, you get more than what you wish for.

    But even better than that, is the feeling you get pulling back into ole "Nac" and seeing those lovely purple lights lighting up that old country sky.

    Love, peace and Axe'em Jacks!

    Walking For A Cure (10/26/11)

    Let's be honest, at eight o'clock on a Saturday morning, half the world was still in their pj's or even asleep, but that wasn't the case here. On the day where the temperature was just right and the sun was just beginning to rise, the Ladyjacks had something else on their minds. Today was the day we would walk for a cure for Alzheimer's. Many people came out not only to support the cause, but to also walk for those who have been diagnosed or even lost the battle to this terrible disease. Before the kickoff of the 3k walk, the Ladyjacks began with a circuit of stretches. Leading the stretches was senior forward Amina Sawyer.

    "It's become a way of life. Community service is not just some task that I'm forced into doing, it's something I want to do. I feel like I owe society that much, and I know when I graduate I will find more ways to volunteer around my community and continue giving back", said senior forward Amina Sawyer.

    Interacting with the people in the community is not only a way to give back, but support those that support us as well. "The community enjoys our company as well as our help and we are gladly willing to help them. When I was younger, people would always help me with my athletic program all the time. Therefore for me to grow and have a chance to do the same thing with others means a lot to me", says senior point guard Tammara Marion.

    The walk was an overall success for those who came out to support and those who donated to the fight. It's better to give than receive, and what better opportunity than one we can all support.

     Love, peace & Axe'em Jacks!

    A New Beginning (10/25/11)

    Hello Lumberjacks! It's Daylyn Harris, the one keeping you connected to the Ladyjacks for the next four years. I will be dishing all the inside scoops and behind the scene cuts that really never make it to the surface.

    I am currently a freshman here at SFA but I'm not new to the campus. I graduated from Livingston High school, so I'm very much an "East-Texan". I am honored to be a part of the Ladyjack Women's Basketball Team, and if you knew anything about the group of girls I'm surrounded by on a day to day basis, you would too! \

    Most people think it would be a challenge to be around 14 girls every day, but with this team, there's never a dull moment. From the ridiculous team conversations to helping out in the community, the Ladyjacks are very unique individuals.

    From the outside looking in, you never get the full effect but that's where I come in. I will be taking you from the stands into the game and world of the Ladyjacks.

    So welcome, welcome and welcome to "Daylyn's Daily Double", you better "axe" somebody!

    Love, peace & Axe'em Jacks!