100-Percent Cotton

Sept. 30, 2008

NACOGDOCHES, Texas - NACOGDOCHES, Texas - "100-Percent Cotton" is the weekly blog of senior defender Jessica Cotton. The blog gives fans a look at the inner workings of the SFA soccer program and is updated weekly on Tuesdays ... albeit sometimes extremely late on Tuesdays.

TEN GOALS! What a scoring fest... here is how we got there.

Our week was thrown off a bit because of our Monday flight home from Nebraska. Along with Monday, we were given Tuesday off for a little bit of rest. However, `Winded Wednesday' was an understatement to say the very least. Instead of practicing and running fitness after, we had an extra long film session and had only fitness after that. And the fitness totaled around four and a half miles, but if I got into how, exactly, we ran that much it would take too much time. To sum it up, everyone was sore the next day, but we were more fit for running that much.

Thursday was a pretty hard practice as well, but at least we had the ball at our feet the entire time. Knowing we did not have a game on Friday gave us a few more days to prepare for Sunday.

Friday and Saturday practices were light but focused. Friday was mostly a technical day, keeping our touch sharp, and getting our shape together. Our shape was thrown off a little, due to people changing positions, and having to play without [Amanda] Lackey -- who sat out Sunday's game after earning a red card last week at Nebraska -- this week, but we got it all figured out in time.

Saturday's practice was more to keep our legs moving. It only lasted about an hour, but it was just the right amount to feel ready for the game Sunday. We had the rest of Saturday off, and were able to do what we wanted.

Sunday was going to be an early morning as we had pre-game meal at 8:30 inside the Fredonia Hotel. However, it did not start off the best way possible. On the way to the Fredonia, I was pulled over by a Nacogdoches police officer and issued three citations. To be quite honest, my brain does not work that early in morning, and I did not bring my wallet with me. So that just added to the situation. However, my day would get much better as it kept coming along.

Our game against Prairie View A&M was slated for 1:00 in the afternoon. We changed up our warm up routine to allow us more time between the end of warm up and the start of the game. We took a short walk to the arboretum for our pre-game chat, and then it was time for kick-off.

The game took us by complete surprise. They [Prairie View] came out firing and went up 2-0 in the first three minutes. Then, just as quickly as they scored two, we put five in the back of the net to end the first half with a lead of 5-2. We came out firing in the second half. We equaled our first half goals, but did not allow a goal against. It was a shaky start to a game that got us scoring goals.

We are now looking forward to starting conference this coming weekend. We have a two-game trip to Louisiana, taking on Southeastern and Nicholls. The scoring we did against Prairie View A&M has us in a good position going into conference play.

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